Join up with game developers of all experience levels and prototype a game!

Alpha Game Jam is about sharing a tight deadline with friends to help motivate to build something new.

There is no strict rules on what (or how) to build your game. Use this as your opportunity to try something you haven’t done before, prototype out that experiment, or simply to have some fun.

Everybody is welcome! Come alone or with friends. Bring an idea, or create one on the spot. Meet new teammates, or have your team all ready to go.

Created by the Independent Game Developers of Silicon Valley Meetup group, hosted at Microsoft’s San Francisco campus.

Together, let’s help each other to finish that alpha version and create the next big game for all to enjoy!

NOTE: Not an overnight event. We jamming until midnight each night, returning at 10am the next morning. We will have at least two free meals, more if we can secure more sponsors.


Come to Microsoft's office in San Francisco at 6pm on Friday September 12th to participate.

The event will take place between 6pm to Midnight on the 12th, 10am to Midnight on the 13th, and 10am to 4pm on the 14th.

At 2pm on Sunday, September 12th all work will stop, and we will begin showing off our work to other as well as sponsor prize juding/awards/wrap up ceremony.


Any type of game is welcome! Web, mobile, tablet, desktop, even board/card/pen and paper games if you're so inclinded.

Hackathon Sponsors


Sponsor determined

The prizes will be announced on Friday during the sponsor pitch session.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Tobiah Marks

Tobiah Marks

Judging Criteria

  • Sponsor determined
    Each prize will have varying criteria based on the sponsor. The better use of the products, platforms and tools of the sponsor, the better chance you have of willing their prize!

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